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All of our products are hand-made and hand-painted. Our products are available at retail outlets throughout South Africa and through our international distributors. Contact Us to find the outlet closest to you.

Other Animals


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Mini Armadillo

Name: Mini Armadillo
Code: M89
Price:R 103.00      View Currency Converter

Name: Armadillo
Code: A26
Price:R 197.00      View Currency Converter
Mini Camel

Name: Mini Camel
Code: M46
Price:R 103.00      View Currency Converter


Camel Small

Name: Camel Small
Code: C12
Price:R 174.00      View Currency Converter
Camel Large

Name: Camel Large
Code: C10
Price:R 185.00      View Currency Converter
Mini Chameleon

Name: Mini Chameleon
Code: M31
Price:R 103.00      View Currency Converter


Chameleon Small

Name: Chameleon Small
Code: C7
Price:R 149.00      View Currency Converter
Chameleon Large

Name: Chameleon Large
Code: C4
Price:R 160.00      View Currency Converter
Mini Frog (Green)

Name: Mini Frog (Green)
Code: M86
Price:R 99.00      View Currency Converter


Frog Small (Green)

Name: Frog Small (Green)
Code: F31
Price:R 103.00      View Currency Converter
Frog Medium (Green)

Name: Frog Medium (Green)
Code: F32
Price:R 119.00      View Currency Converter
Frog Large (Green)

Name: Frog Large (Green)
Code: F33
Price:R 140.00      View Currency Converter


Frog XLarge (Green)

Name: Frog XLarge (Green)
Code: F40
Price:R 169.00      View Currency Converter
Giant Frog (Green)

Name: Giant Frog (Green)
Code: F45
Price:R 388.00      View Currency Converter
Mini Frog (Colours)

Name: Mini Frog (Colours)
Code: M87
Price:R 99.00      View Currency Converter
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